Windows 8 Apps for the Science Classroom

As part of our series that focuses on the use of Windows 8 apps in classrooms, today we will share with you what we consider to be great apps for the science classroom.

General Science

  • Science for Kids – a huge range of experiments to do with young learners.
  • BrainPOP Featured Movie – a daily science animated movie bought to you from the hugely popular BrainPop series.
  • Discovery Channel – The popular Discovery Channel shares many of it’s videos and shows through this app. Use it for research, class discussion or as part of your flipped classroom work. 
  • How Stuff Works – a great database for those who love to know how things work, and those who love to tinker. A must have apps for the science classroom.
  • Animal Planet – Watch episodes from the Animal Planet Channel through this app. 
  • Pop Sci – Keep up to date with the latest information from the science and innovation world. Read stories, watch videos, open discussions.
  • EduPad – iTooch Apps for Stage 2 and 3 – Lessons, exercises, quizzes, and badges for Stage 2 and 3 students. Based on the Common Core, but still applicable to Australian Curriculum. 
  • Khan Academy – The well known Khan Academy has a Windows 8 app to help students discover and learn about science through tutorial videos. Activities included. 
  • Kno Textbooks – find an eTextbook that suits you needs in this Textbook library. 
  • Adaptive Curriculum Series – A series for Science and Maths focused textbooks that bring 21st century learning experiences to Windows 8 devices.


  • Physics for Kids – Learn the concepts of physics through interactive activities.
  • Physamajig – Students can create their own physics interactives to show learning, teach friends, or even just to have some fun while learning. Play other users’ creations too. 
  • Corinth Micro Engines – this textbook shares information about engines and their development, gives detail 3D animated models of engines and shows you how engines are created. 
  • Series and Parallel Circuits – your textbook to learn all about circuits and parallels. Learn about it… See it in action… Practice it…


  • Periodic Table – the quintessential app for all science classrooms. 
  • nSquared Chemistry – Four students can work collaboratively on this app to solve chemistry problems and create compounds. 
  • TouchMol – Draw and share chemical and biological structures.


  • Corinth Micro Anatomy Augmented Reality – Turn your anatomical learning into reality with this app. Print out the specified document, hold it up to your chest, open the app and suddenly you can see through to the inside of your body.
  • Corinth Micro Plant – his corinth series app looks right inside a plant, right into the cellular level, giving students a relative experience. 
  • Cellular Boundaries and Cellular Transport – Another 21st century textbook from the Adaptive Curriculum series. This interactive textbook gives examples, exercises, and quizzes while supporting learning focused on cellular concepts.

A unit of work that delves into space and astronomy might include use of the following apps:

  • Back in Time – Discover the universe and all it’ history with this app. A great beginning. 
  • Star Chart – learn about the universe from 10,000 years ago throughout o now, then put your new knowledge to practice by using the augmented reality app to look into the sky. Track and explore satellites, take photos of your universe and use for further learning. 
  • NASA Be a martian and Mars Rover Curiosity will make you a part of the Mars Rover Curiosity Space Project. Learn about the project and take part in heir research. 
  • SkyMap – Similar to the Star Chart app, you can look straight into the sky and suddenly all you can see is labelled and mapped out for you. 
  • OneNote – for taking notes and recording learning.

There are many more Science apps to consider on the Windows Store, accessible from your Windows 8 device or any browser. Check out our boards below or search directly in the store.



Did you know that you can now purchase Windows Store Gift Cards? A great way to add apps to machines in your school.

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