5 simple & effective apps to help manage the school year

The beginning of the school year always comes with great intent to be more organised – both as a teacher and a student.

It’s much easier for teachers and students to succeed if they have the right tools, so we’ve picked the top 5 apps to help you out.

So here they are:

1. My Study Life

Once set up, this app will make organisation ‘as easy as pie‘. Use this app to:

  • Track Homework Tasks, assignments, reminders and revision. Take the pain out of the paper planner by storing tasks in the cloud.
  • Store Exams: Keep those all important exams alongside class and revision tasks, accessible anywhere.
  • Manage Classes: A paper timetable, turbocharged. With week and day rotation timetable support, academic years/terms and integration into tasks.
  • Get Notified: My Study Life’s mobile apps give students’ notifications for unfinished tasks, upcoming exams and classes before they start.

2. My Homework

If you use teachers.io through this app, students in your class can automatically receive important files, class documents and announcements for your class. They just have to join your class group and it all happens from there. They’ll never loose a document or miss an announcement again.

Things you can do with MyHomework:

  • Homework – Track their homework, tests, projects and lessons.
  • Reminders – Get reminded when assignments are due.

3. Minimal-ist

If your students are looking for a simple to-do list to cross off tasks, then Minimal.ist will be their best friend. This simple app lets students keep track of their do do list, and tick off those pesky tasks as they finish them. Search for tasks once added, reorder into due date order. Create a list for each subject, then start adding tasks. This app is for those who just want simplicity.

4. OneNote

Keep track of class notes, research write drafts, final copy, embed files. We all know and love these uses of OneNote, but have your students ever used the ‘to do list’ functionality? In Office 2013 OneNote look for the ‘To-Do Tag’ in the home tab and on the OneNote App, the Tag button on the editing wheel.

Have you ever encouraged your students to create a school diary using OneNote? Or does your school provide a base OneNote Diary file for students to use as a scaffold? To create a diary open a new notebook, create a section for each term, a page for each week, then add a table for each day. The image below will give you an idea. A great way to bring all their work and homework into one place. For more info on the newest OneNote updates check out our post here

5. Flashcards Pro

Students can remember all those formula, vocabulary lists and diagrams with ease using the Flashcards Pro app. This app helps students to set up decks of cards that can be studied almost anywhere, on any device. Search for decks others have made on Cram.Com (formerly Flashcard Exchange) and use them to make those boring but easy tasks a breeze. They can also create quizzes and share among peers using Quizlet. This app makes the boring but important stuff, fun.

We hope this was helpful – let us know how these apps help your students to keep organised and on time.

Did you know that you can now purchase Windows Store Gift Cards? A great way to add apps to machines in your school.

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