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Nearpod on Windows 8 from Nearpod on Vimeo.

Sharing content across multiple devices, especially in a classroom, can sometimes be tricky and take more time than necessary. But now – there is help! With the new Windows 8 Nearpod App there is now a simple and effective way to bring all this together in one environment.

Nearpod is an all-in-one slide share and interactive learning app (used by over 1 million students globally) which allows teachers to share a presentation directly to a student device and also have students complete quizzes and other assessment oriented tasks during this presentation.

The App creates a safe, password protected environment for teachers and student to come together and focus on content.

Below are 5 ways you can use the Nearpod app in you classroom:

1. Create a Presentation

Upload one of your existing presentations, or download a Slide Share from the NearPod library. When you are discussing you presentation with you class, ask them to join the session, using the code given, to ensure everyone can see and interact with the same content.

2. Add interactive components to your presentation

You can easily add interactive components to your presentation. Choose to add a Poll, drawing slide, quizz, or even just share a website. Once students have completed the interactive components you can analyse the results to check for understanding or engagement in the content.Interactive components:

  • Slide: This can be a PDF or image file.Great for discussing a complex diagram, workflow, or concept. Create or download the content forum elsewhere and add to your Nearpod account for use in class.
  • Slide Show: A series of images as a slideshow as opposed to one per slide as above. Import a PowerPoint and it will automatically create a multi-slide slide deck for you. Add images, polls. Quizzes, drawings, videos or we pages among your slide show.
  • Poll: Survey questions where there is no option for correct/incorrect answers.
  • Q&A: Quick way to get real time checking for understanding.
  • Quiz: use this interactive component to test student understanding or to ask higher order inferential questions during your slideshow. You can create a quiz with as many questions as you like.
  • Video: Insert an MP4 (must be downloaded or exist on your computer to start) to play back at the appropriate time in you slideshow.
  • Draw it: Have students draw over a blank canvas or over an image. Choose which ones to share back with the groups father the slideshow work is completed. This is great way to cover understanding of a topic, or to support visual literacy development in your classroom.
  • Browse the internet (upgraded feature): Share web pages with users during you slideshow. Suddenly you can create learning pathways and deeper activities by adding deeper exploration activities mid way through a slideshow.

3. Feedback

Students can even look at each others images and drawings later to give feedback and test their own understanding of a topic. As a teacher you can share specific drawings back to your class. This could be a great opportunity to include feedback loops into classroom activity.

4. Flipped Classroom

Nearpod suits Flipped Classroom, or homework, pedagogy. You can easily set up a slideshow session, complete with interactive activities for students to work with or without you. This could also be used to differentiate instruction for you students.

5. Learning Analytics

The ability to check in on your student progress and analyse a quiz, poll, Q&A and drawings activity turns Nearpod into a great learning analytic tool.

Top Tip

Students could also share their learning by uploading presentations to Nearpod and making their own interactive content for their peers to work through. This could be a great opportunity for ‘Expert Jigsaw’ style group work.

I know I will be adding Nearpod to my Start Page, will you?

Let me know what you have used this app for. I’d love to hear.

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