Community Clips – a fantastic screen casting, feedback and tutorial creation tool.

I recently spent a day with a group of teachers who spent time sharing their practice with each other. The Flipped Classroom Model became the focus of a few conversations. It was interesting to note the tools teachers currently use to create tutorials videos. Many of the tools mentioned come at a cost to the user. I was reminded of the Microsoft Community Clips screen casting application, and thought I might share some tips and tricks of using this free tool. It really is a simple application that has some very powerful applications in the classroom. 

Community Clips is a free tool from Microsoft that helps you to make screen casting for your whole computer screen.


In an education context it could be used to:

  • Create tutorials around subject matter and classwork
  • Flipping the classroom Content creation
  • Give student verbal feedback while editing student work
  • Make how-to guides
  • Students can explain a concept to peers


Follow the steps below to create a tutorial using Community Clips:


  1. Download the installation file here or at
  2. If you’re on a Windows 8 device, open the charm bar and use the search charm: Community Clips
  3. Locate App in bottom Task Bar
  4. Click on record
  5. Walk through your content recording
  6. Stop recording
  7. Save file
  8. Edit if necessary using Windows Movie Maker
  9. Publish and share with your student or class


Once you have created your tutorial or feedback, some easy ways to share include:

  • Upload to Youtube or Vimeo
  • Upload to Edmodo or Moodle or similar online collaboration space
  • Insert into a OneNote File that you are sharing with your student or class.


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