21st Century Learning Design in Action–two day workshop from ELH


Are you going to EduTech next week? Would you like to be able to develop practical strategies that help you turn some of the great ideas into concrete plans? The team at Expanding Learning Horizons have created a training  event, running in Brisbane in the two days before EduTech, that’s setup perfectly to help.

Now that 21st Century learning has been reflected within the Australian National Curriculum, with the introduction of the General Capabilities, teachers must know how to design their lessons to develop key skills for work and life in the 21st Century. The two-day course (1/2 June) enables both teachers and educational leaders to gain a clear understanding of 21st Century skills, providing an explicit framework for improving both classroom and school outcomes. And with Bruce Dixon and Travis Smith talking (two of the Australian speakers I love to be challenged by), there will be plenty of content to help you create your action plans.

It will provide an excellent framework for evaluating everything you’ll see over the following two days at the EduTech conference.

The training course costs $495 for two days, and you can find the detailed agenda and venue details below:

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