OneNote Setup Tool for Teachers – Your secret collaboration weapon

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NB – Since writing this post the OneNote Setup Tool for teachers has been renamed to: OneNote Class Notebook Creator. All other features remain the same.

Using Office 365 and OneNote with your students? Need a way to bring all those OneNote’s into one place? Need a quick way to check up on student OneNote work? The OneNote Setup Tools for teachers is your simple and free answer.

With this tool, you can create a OneNote for each of your students. These OneNotes are contained in one OneNote file on your computer. Each student’s OneNote will appear as a section group in your OneNote.

 Each OneNote will have the following sections:

  1. A Content Library Section – Read only for students. Great for sharing resources and learning materials. All content will sync to student OneNotes
  2. Collaboration Section – A section where all students have full editing rights. Each student OneNote file will also have this section.
  3. Individual Section – Each student will have their own section that syncs to the teacher’s OneNote.

So in short this tool sets up all your students with a space for getting content from you, a space for working with other students, and a space for their own work. All of this syncs back to you own OneNote so that you can easily keep in touch and give feedback.

How to set up your Class OneNote

The step by step process is easy. Here’s a site to help you setup, and below is a quick guide.

Ask your Office 365 Admin to add the App from the Office Store to your tenant. Here is a handy guide for your Admin to get the setup tool working.

  • Click on site contents in the ‘settings’ (or cog) area in the top right hand of your of your browser > Add an app and choose the OneNote Set Up Tool.
  • Once you have added the app you will see it appear in the left hand side of your site.
  • Click on the link and begin.

  • Add the app from the ‘App App’ section in the top right of your site settings Name your OneNote

  • Check the skeleton of you OneNote. You can tinker with the section a little later.
  • Add student names. These should all be inside your Office 365 environment, so easy to locate.

  • Adjust the individual Student OneNote sections as suits your class needs.

  • Review the setup and click create. Note the

  • Once you have done this all students will be sent an email. When they open this a OneNote notebook will be created for them.
  • You can open the OneNote Notebook in your site and see all your student’s work in one space.
  • For full OneNote functionality, remember to sync your OneNote to your desktop using ‘Open in OneNote’.

It really is simple. Here’s a great video walking you through the process.


So have a chat to your Admin, get the app added to your Office 365 installation, and enjoy this tool. We know it will make a difference to your OneNote workflow.

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