New apps that will rock the Windows Classroom

Time to find some new apps to explore? Looking for some apps for the term ahead? Lately we are seeing more and more high quality education apps released in the Windows 8 platform. Read on and find out more about 3 great apps that are waiting for you.

1. Explain Everything TM

This hugely popular app is similar to iXplain. It allows you to annotate, animate and narrate a presentation or screencast, thus making it a perfect tutorial and presentation tool.

Explain Everything can be used in the classroom for learning through technology, and the presentation of new knowledge by both teachers and students. Both teachers and students to can use it to:

  • Create multimodal presentations, digital stories and projects
  • Demonstrate a concept
  • Create a tutorial
  • Make movies including animations
  • Feedback through annotation on PDF and images

Below are a couple of examples of student use of Explain Everything:



2. Shuttersong

The Shuttersong app is great for digital storytelling and explanations. Take or use a photo, narrate over the top of the photo or add music, save and share. Stich a number of photos or images together and add a voice recording or song to create a longer explanation, story, or movie.

A very simple app to:

  • create explanations or digital stories,
  • narrate object and processes
  • stitch a number of photos or images together



3. Ultimate Ink Flashcards

Create flashcard using ink, sound or images on your Windows 8 device. Use the pen and write your flashcards, take a photo, or even add pre recorded audio to your cards.

 Use the Ultimate Ink Flashcards app to create flashcard decks for studying:

  • Math and Science formulas
  • Geographic skills
  • Historic dates
  • Foreign language vocabulary and script writing
  • English as a second language in age appropriate sets


Which app will you use this term? Which app will help your students to engage with learning through technology?


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