Integrating Microsoft Office 365 Education with Desire2Learn Learning Environment

One of the futures of Learning Management Systems is as a key bridge, building integration between different systems within an education institution. In the future, it’s unlikely that we’re going to see a single monolithic system that solves every elearning challenge, but instead a set of best-of-class components effectively interconnected.

imageOne example is the integration between a Learning Management System (LMS) and the communication and productivity services that an institution uses – in this case, between the Brightspace* D2L Learning Environment and Office 365. It means that students and staff can use their core email, collaboration, communication and productivity suite, whilst within their LMS.

Through their integration solutions, the Desire2Learn Learning Environment and Microsoft Office 365 services (email, calendar, & more) improve how students and teachers interact online. Institutions can choose any of the integration solutions appropriate to their users.

The starting point is a single sign on, so that your users don’t have to logon to multiple systems, but then you can go further – opening documents through Office Online, enabling email processes from within your LMS etc

The Desire2Learning team have published a big set of documentation and resources on the Desire2Learn website.

Find MoreGet more info in the Desire2Learn "Office 365 integration Technical Guide"


* Brightspace is the new brand name for the Desire2Learn learning products