Mosaic: Your classroom in the cloud, today!


Office 365 Sites are a fantastic way to encourage collaboration and to work more efficiently and creatively in your classroom. If you’re an Office 365 user, you’re probably looking for a quick workflow to make your site into a space students want to visit. Mosaic is just for you.

Mosaic Live Tiles is a free app, included with pre-configured templates: Learning Spaces, Teacher Portal and Student Portal. These templates are ready to use, or can be easily tailored to unique needs by utilising LiveTiles Mosaic’s very simple ‘drag and drop’ functionality allowing you to to create your own dynamic sites in minutes.

To get your site looking how you want in just minutes, follow the three steps below:

  1. Create your site – Choose from Learning Spaces, Teacher Portals and Student Portal templates and begin to customise.
  2. Drag and Drop tiles to customise and construct your site – tiles are formatted with different functions including Files, Assignment uploads, videos, discussion, calendar, images etc.
  3. Configure your tiles – Go the step further and configure tiles with colours etc to suit the visual effect you want.

 Sites made with Mosaic look totally different to regular Office 365 sites as they are made specifically to suit education. They become even more user friendly and collaborative.

Why would I use Mosaic in my School?

Using Mosaic at a school level could be very useful for the following types of websites:

  • Parent Information Portal – keep parents up to date through calendar and document sharing
  • Project Portal – such as a Film Festival, or Student Representative Council Site
  • Committee Portal – keep all your documents and communication in one place
  • Event Portal – Keep all the school musical happenings and documents in one place
  • Excursion site – Going overseas? Use a site to share and collate important documentation and communication, before and during the trip

Remember that Office 365 is a secure environment, so it’s safe for sharing documentation and communication.

Why would I use Mosaic in my Classroom?  

In my classroom I would use Mosiac to create my sites for:

  • Resource Site – A site for a unit of work with all links, resources and collaborative documents ready to for students to access. I’d also make sure that students could upload their assignments and hold discussions with each other.
  • Student Portfolios – creating a site for each student, then giving them administrator rights would help them to collect, reflet and grow through their learning
  • Communication site with parents – a site with daily communications and sharing of information
  • Collaborative site – for projects when working across schools nationally, or internationally.
  • Student Project Sites – setting up a site for groups of students to work collaboratively to build for a project.

How can I Access Mosaic?

 Here’s how to access the App in 4 easy steps:

  1. Register – Go to the Mosaic Site and fill out the form to register
  2. Join the Mosaic Yammer Group – Go to the Mosaic Education Yammer Community and request invitation
  3. Get Access – A network admin will provide you with access
  4. Install on your network – The App is available for install from the network resources



So, if you’re on the hunt for a simple drag and drop website creation tool for your Office 365 Site, then Mosaic is the tool for you!