My Spelling Words – Spelling lists like never before

Looking for an engaging way for students to learn their spelling? Want students to develop handwriting skills while using a device?  My Spelling Words is the app for you.  

The developers of the hugely popular app School Writing AU/NZ have just released their next app called My Spelling Words. This Australian developed app is all about making spelling lists engaging and educational at the same time.  

It takes the humble and tedious weekly spelling list and turns it into a digitally enhanced audio experience with handwriting at its core. It uses the Windows 8 digital inking to provide realistic writing opportunities for students.  


How does the My Spelling Words work?  

When using this app, students write their words and the app changes this handwriting to text and marks it. You don’t have to use the handwriting feature, but why not take advantage of inking on your Windows 8 device? The ability to turn on and off the handwriting feature is a great personalisation feature of this app.  


Creating your own Spelling Lists 

Creating your own spelling lists is very easy. Words can be recorded using audio or supplying a stimulus picture. This means that you can use pronunciation and vocabulary the students are familiar with. In fact, students can even create their own spelling lists. This is a very engaging way to work with those weekly spelling lists. 

In short, with this app you can:

  • Use the basic word lists, including Dolch or Mioow Lists that are pre programmed for you
  • Create your own lists very easily – even students can create the lists
  • Create multiple Profiles – for those sharing devices this is a wonderful solution



Cool things about this app 

While very simple, this app has some very cool educational features. 

  • Handwriting recognition in this app is very good
  • You can record your own voice for spelling lists
  • You can personalise spelling words like never before 
  • Students develop self-regulation skills by creating and memorising their own lists
  • It brings in your Xbox Profile thus personalising the experience and linking school to a world that deeply engages students. NB – Xbox profile is not necessary, photos can also be used for profiles.