Office Mix keeps getting better and better

Flipping your classroom? Creating screencasts on expensive software? Want learning analytics to inform your lesson planning? Office Mix really is the key to making your workflows easy and effective.

When Office Mix was released earlier this year we wrote a post sharing the uses of this PowerPoint 2013 Plugin. The three main uses for Office Mix are:

  1. Create tutorials hosted in the cloud with interactive questions for viewers
  2. Create screencasts
  3. Tap into the learning analytics associated with your mix sessions

Here is an example of an Office Mix created for our recent Your School, Your Way Workshops across Australia.

Recently Office Mix has integrated some changes based on educator feedback. It is now even more educator friendly.

You can now

  1. Export Analytics to Excel – One of your top feature requests is now available! You can now export mix analytics to Microsoft Excel. Simply log in to, open My Mixes-> Uploaded Mixes and choose the mix you want to analyze. You’ll see an icon that lets you download the analytics as an Excel file. You can view both slide and quiz analytics, and you can filter and pivot to your heart’s content.
  2. Easy Sharing – We heard your feedback! Now you can share mixes to Pinterest, in addition to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Just click Share and choose the social network(s) you want to share to
  3. Embed Links – Do you have a mix you’d like to post to your blog? With the embed function, it’s as simple as “click, copy and paste.”

What will you create your first Office Mix for? Head on over to the Office Mix Gallery and get some inspiration from other educator created Mix sessions.