How do other education institutions solve their storage problems? Webinar


Education customers have vast quantities of data to be stored – and demand for more storage from users is growing all the time. There are three basic choices:

  • Keep adding storage in-house in your own datacentre (even if you’re a smaller school with a little stack of servers, it’ll quickly grow to become a datacentre!)
  • Push all of your data into the cloud (and when each student gets 1TB of data storage on our Office 365 service, that’s an easy decision for some sets of data)
  • Build a hybrid model, with some data in your own datacentre, and some in the cloud

Although the hybrid model is the most popular (and let’s face it, that’s what most of your users are doing today anyway, whether or not you’ve sanctioned it) it also creates a new set of management problems as you constantly balance your data between the cloud and in-house services. And you need to keep control over your data wherever it is.

If you would like to hear how others are tackling this problem, then I can recommend the Hybrid Cloud webinar we’re running in a couple of weeks on 22 October. There’s two reasons and four experts involved that will make this is a good investment of your time:

St Catherine’s School in Sydney will share their journey to finding the right hybrid cloud solution, and talk about how this has changed what’s possible for the school. The two experts taking part from St Catherine’s are Rathika Suresh the Director of ICT and Graeme Wallace the Network and Infrastructure Manager.

Microsoft experts Lee Hickin a Data Centre Solution Specialist and Ben Di Qual a Technical Solutions Professional, who will take you and your team through the ways a hybrid cloud storage solution reduces total storage costs and improves data protection.

There will also be the opportunity to ask questions about how the various options would apply to your scenario, and so it’s better than reading a whitepaper or a website!

The webinar “Rethink your approach to storage” is on 22 October 2014, at 1PM AEST.

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