Paradyne briefing for schools in Melbourne–12 November


The team over at Paradyne are running an education briefing at our offices in Melbourne early in November, which will cover Office 365 Education and the ways that other schools are using it to support their teaching and learning goals.

They are also going to feature Docusign to talk about one of my pet hates – the permission slips that come home from school which require me to (1) find the slip (2) find a pen (3) give the form back to my daughter and (4) keep my fingers crossed that the form reaches school. I know permission slips are frustrating for schools too, for almost the same reasons as they are for me, and also because staff spend valuable time record keeping, chasing and general permission-slip-time-wasting-stuff. If your school is currently sending permission slips home for parents to sign (or even worse, for me as a parent, emailing them home and expecting parents to print them, sign them, and then send them back) then you might get an insight into how you can make everybody in this loop happy!

And they’re also partnering with the Staples team to show off some of the cool new Windows devices that have hit the market ready for next year.

Amazingly, they are going to get that all over with by lunchtime, so you’ll be back in school for the afternoon!

Agenda for the Paradyne Office 365 briefing for schools

8.30am – Guests arrive – greeted by the smell of coffee

8.50am – Welcome by Travis Smith, Microsoft

9.00am – Overview of Paradyne and Office 365 by Paul Krasey, Paradyne

9.20am – Description of classroom solutions by Daniel Anderson, Paradyne

9.50am – Advantages of digital permission slips, DocuSign

10.00am – Real education examples by David Humphreys, Brighton Grammar on Office 365, OneNote and Windows 8, and Launceston Church Grammar School (Lync video recording) on Yammer and SharePoint – personified their SharePoint with Go247

10.30am – Hardware solutions by Staples – Surface Pro 3 & Lenovo tablets, using pen, showing live changes, examples of students using this hardware and the tie to software/solutions

11.00am – Conclusion and thank you by Paul Krasey, Paradyne

11.10am – Q&As and individual conversations

12.00pm – Event concludes

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014 – 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Melbourne, Microsoft Offices, Level 5, 4 Freshwater Place, Southbank