Reimagine – a briefing about change and digital disruption

Here’s a chance to attend a high level Microsoft briefing called Reimagine, in Melbourne on 9 October and Sydney on 29 October:

  • The Melbourne Reimagine event is at the Convention and Exhibition Centre, from 9AM-12:30PM
  • The Sydney Reimagine event is at the Royal Hall of Industries, from 9AM-12:30PM

These events aren’t specifically for education customers, however nearly every time I speak at events, I find that education customers are learning from the experiences of transformation happening in other industry sectors, so I’d highly recommend these events as a way to hear stories which can act as signposts for change in your school/TAFE/university!


During the briefing, we’ll share the Microsoft vision for platform and productivity – how we will empower people and organisations to do more and achieve more. But technology is only part of the story, because as the impact of technology changes so does the role of IT itself. And the IT people within an organisation become responsible for a digital transformation, and working with others to support the cultural change that technology enables (and requires!).

This challenge exists with every organisation, whether it’s a big bank, an electricity company, or an education organisation like a school or university. And so we’re seeing new job roles emerging – like Chief Digital Officer and VP of Student Experience. These new roles are often being filled by people with a deep understanding of technology, backed by the skills to effectively manage visionary change.

At the event, three invited speakers will share their stories of change:

  • Ben Issa, Head of IT Strategy at ING Direct, is one person who is leading change. Having pioneered the Bank in a Box solution, Ben will share his story of delivering a drastically modern innovation platform for banking.
  • Anthony Stevens, Director of IT Operations from KPMG, will share how their business has empowered its people to be more mobile, more responsive and more productive in order to create great experiences for their customers.
  • Belinda Thompson, BDO’s Chief Information Officer, will share how the company is using the cloud to support its people and better connect with its customers – and what it all means for her team’s relationship with the business.
  • In Sydney, Ben’s replaced by Sean Elwick, Head of Information Services at Aurecon, who will share his view on the disruption to the role of IT, and how he personally lobbies for digital change within his organisation.

To find out more and register for either of the Reimagine events, then use the links below:

Melbourne Reimagine – 9 October

Sydney Reimagine – 29 October