Office DevCamp in Melbourne: Learn how to develop apps for Office and Office 365


On December 11th, in Melbourne, we’re running a free, full-day Office DevCamp for developers who want to write apps and services for Office or Office 365. It’ll help you to build solutions that can use Office to do things like allow students to read and write from their OneDrive (and save you having to run expensive storage services on your own servers); or build workflows in Office to make a teacher’s life easier. Or simply allow a teacher or student to have a single-sign in to your service using their Office 365 login (that’s a simple step that gives you access to millions of users).

But, let’s take a step back for a second.

A long time ago, when I was a developer (yes, really, a long, long time ago) life was easy. I developed Windows apps, and that was all I had to worry about – making an app work on Windows. And now I would think about developing software to run on one of three platforms:

  1. Developing for a device operating system (eg Windows)
  2. Developing for a cloud-based service (eg Azure)
  3. Developing for a service-based platform (eg Office 365)

Why would you develop apps on Office and Office 365? Well, with over a billion users spending 2-3 hours per day in Office, it’s a platform that gives you tremendous potential to reach a large group of customers, and especially in education, where there are millions of users – students and staff – using Office as a key tool in teaching and learning. In Australia, we’ve seen innovative developments to support teaching and learning on the Office platform – things like:

The Office Store alone has over 1,000 apps in the catalogue, and in the Education category there’s currently just under 80 apps in the store. I noticed that there’s even an app to teach you how to use the JavaScript API for Office!

The DevCamp is designed to get you up and running, and developing your own apps in Office or developing apps on mobile devices that can use the Office 365 services.  It’s a very hands-on day, not just lecture and listening:

Build Productivity Apps

Learn how to build apps using standard web technologies that extend the familiar Office and Office 365 experience and potentially sell them to over 1 billion Office users in 147 international markets.

At this DevCamp, you will learn the concepts of the new Office 365 API model and go deep into building out an end-to-end example on the Office 365 environment. Microsoft Office 365 DevCamps are free and fun events for developers, by developers.  You do not want to miss this unique event presented by Microsoft technical experts.

Gear up and get building!

This is a jam-packed 1-day training course where you will get deep into the code after we gear you up with the tools and environment. Here are the 6 session topics:

1 – Intro to day
2 – Standing up the environment
3 – Hooking into Apps for SharePoint
4 – Hook into Office 365 APIs via Standalone web application
5 – Hooking into Apps for Office
6 – Building native Android App

The idea is that you come along with your laptop, and spend time actually cutting code – and the presence of our uber-geek Andrew Coates will mean you can get clear answers to specific questions and scenarios.

The course is suitable for developers working for companies and ISVs, as well as developers working for universities, TAFEs and schools. And although we’ll talk about scenarios of how you can build apps for education usage, the content is relevant whether you’re building an app for a teacher on their PC, a business user in Excel, or a consumer on their Android phone!

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