Just pinch me… Or ink me….

Guest Post by Matthew O’Brien – Microsoft Expert Educator

A few weeks ago I had an life changing experience whilst presenting using PowerPoint. Its best summed up with the text I posted on the Microsoft Expert Innovators Yammer group:“Amazeballs!!!

Did you know the pinch gesture works when presenting in PowerPoint – you can zoom in, and zoom out takes you to the thumbnail slide deck so you can select non linear slides…, couple this with annotations and, well, amazeballs!!!” I was a little excited when I wrote that!

Later on, I investigated a bit more, and put together a little how to graphic, showing the way the pinch gesture works in PowerPoint.I love how it can be used to zoom in too force focus on a slide, or zoom out so the presenter can go anywhere within the presentation.

I then decided that I needed to investigate the different ways windows software behave when using inking or gestures.

Being a scientist, I collated my test results and with some prompting from @Pip Cleaves, I’ve even turned it all into a bit of an info graphic.

(Here is the downloadable PDF)

I would be interested in peoples thoughts as to which behaviours and interface is the best, and should we as educators be advocating to the companies a more standard set of expected behaviours, or is variety the spice of life?

Guest Post By:

Matthew O’Brien – Head of Strategic Planning – Brisbane Boys College

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As the Head of Strategic Planning at Brisbane Boys College, Matthew is passionate bout providing opportunities to learn through technology. He has a keen interest in:

  • Use of the stylus as an interface
  • Use of data to inform (and improve) teaching practice
  • Flipped classroom (especially the use of video content)
  • Learning modalities
  • Learning analytics
  • Collaboration in the classroom