New Moodle integrations with Microsoft technology are on the way

Over the last couple of years I’ve written a number of times about integration points between Moodle and Microsoft, to help education customers understand what the opportunities are to be able to integrate two of their key tools for students and staff. This turns out to be important even for universities or TAFEs which have standardised on other learning management systems, because even in these organisations, there seem to always be specific departments, projects or users who are running a Moodle learning management system – even when everybody else is using the institution’s standard Blackboard/Brightspace or other LMS. So Moodle integrations with Microsoft platforms are key, whether it is about running Moodle on Windows server, or running Moodle on Microsoft Azure cloud servers, or integrating Moodle and Office 365 for Education.

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But there’s more to come, and I thought I should share news from Remote-Learner, an official Moodle partner, who are working with the Microsoft Open Technologies team to build new integrations between Moodle and Office 365 services:

Remote-Learner is working with Microsoft Open Technologies to build and provide integrations between Moodle and Office 365, OneDrive for Business and Consumer, OneNote and Outlook Calendar. These integrations will provide seamless workflows between Microsoft products already used by organizations, and Moodle, one of the most popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) in use today.

The power of these integrations will provide speed and efficiency to developing, launching and running learning programs by all types of organizations. Whether you are an educational institution, a corporate training supplier, a certifying body or any other organization that has training as part of its operation, you can benefit from the integration of Moodle and Office365.

A beta program is starting with various types of organizations. This program will provide test instances of the beta work in Moodle. Beta participants will have an opportunity to test run each of the integrations, provide feedback on their experiences and contribute ideas to future functionality and releases.

The beta program will run through December 2014. The planned first release for the integrations is late January 2015. Look for Remote-Learner’s blog posts on functional items over the next several weeks. For more information on how you can benefit from these developments, contact Remote-Learner at [email protected].

So the beta programme is well underway (sadly, for Australia the beta programme coincided with the holidays, so most education customers here weren’t able to join), and the full release is planned for late January (just in time for the new school year!)

The team have also published an update to the first news, with information on the specific integration work that they are doing with OneNote integration for Moodle.

OneNote integration for Moodle

The team are creating plug-ins that will allow seamless workflow between OneNote and Moodle – to allow students to complete a Moodle assignment within OneNote – so that they can take advantage of all of OneNote’s content features – like inking, embedding different content types including video – and then submit their assignment directly into Moodle without having to upload/download any work.

They’ve also worked on the workflow the other way too – so that a teacher can provide feedback to a student’s assignment submitted in Moodle, directly in OneNote (for example, so that they can mark up a student’s work with a pen through OneNote, to increase the quality of feedback to the student).

If you are a developer, you’ll probably appreciate the fact that the Remote-Learner team are working out loud on this project – sharing how they are building the connection between Moodle and the OneNote APIs, and the ways that they are building secure connections for data flow.

You can read more about the work on OneNote integration with Moodle on the Remote-Learning blog

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