New Moodle Mobile app released for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

Moodle logoMoodle for Windows 8 and Windows Phone has been available as an app since August this year – through the “Moodle Mobile” app. Just last week, the latest version was released – Moodle Mobile 1.9 – which has a updated look and feel and is designed to be more user friendly. It allows your students to access your Moodle LMS when they’re mobile and they don’t need to be in front of their PC to access your courses and lesson materials. And the touch-friendly design makes it perfect for tablets and small screen devices.

Moodle Mobile screen shot for Windows PhoneBoth Moodle Mobile versions are available free in the Windows/Windows Phone store, using the following links:

Moodle Mobile for Windows 8.1

Moodle Mobile for Windows Phone

Your staff and students can now:

  • browse the content of their courses, even when offline
  • receive instant notifications of messages and other events
  • quickly find and contact other people in their courses
  • upload images, audio, videos and other files from their mobile device
  • view their course grades

NB: You need to ensure your Moodle is configured to allow web services for mobile devices

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Learn MoreAnd don’t forget, you could also host your Moodle service in the Microsoft Azure cloud – more info here