The Top Microsoft in the Classroom blog posts of 2014

This blog has been sharing the best of Microsoft in the Classroom since late 2013. We thought you might like a recap of the most popular posts since we began. We dived into the statistics to check out what was read, shared and re-read the most. Below are our top 12 posts. Why not use your holiday time to catch up on the best of our best?

Interestingly OneNote was our big star. This was no surprise to us at the Microsoft Education Team in Australia as we all love OneNote and use it in our daily work. Following closely on the heals of OneNote was Office 365, Surface Pro 3, Office Mix and Project Spark. One again, some of our favourite tools.


1. Feedback made easy with Drawboard PDF


2. Mineclass – How to set up an Interschool Minecraft project


3. A Teacher’s Guide to using Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook Creator


4. Give Better Feedback with OneNote


5. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – An educator’s point of view


6. 10 reasons why OneNote is the best classroom tool ever


7. Surface Pro 3 + Screenbeam = Untethered Teachers


8. Project Spark out of Beta and bringing games based learning into your classroom


9. Easy Flipped Learning with Office Mix


10. Teacher Dashboard makes it easy for teachers to share content and organise their students in Office 365


11. Collaborating with Office 365: OneDrive


12. OneNote in the Classroom – What students really think


As we head into 2015, we promise to continue sharing best practice, inspiration and strategies to ensure your Microsoft Classroom is a place of engagement, inquiry and growth.