Which Microsoft Professional Development course will your school choose?

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Looking for some Microsoft focussed professional development from the best ICT Educators in Australia? Need some guidance around ICT integration? Want to inspire your school to use technology in new ways? We have a perfect solution for you.

Microsoft Australian Education team and its Microsoft in Education Master Trainers have put together a list of amazing professional development opportunities for your school in 2015.

From short 3 hours workshops to longer one day and three day courses, there is a huge variety to help:

  • Develop Windows 8 Skills
  • Understand the potential of Apps
  • Work with Office 365
  • Know the power of 21st Century Learning Design
  • Build Peer Coaching skills
  • Understand new ICT focussed pedagogies

Once you’ve been inspired by and discussed the catalogue, contact auspil@microsoft.com to get started.

For NSW Schools, most events are registered with Board of Studies and Teacher Educational Standards. Further information will be provided as necessary.

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