Year: 2015

Translating resources for international students – and talking to your watch

Australia continues to grow our international student education sector, with a record $18.8 billion of revenue in 2014-15 from the nearly half a million international students who study at our universities, TAFEs and schools. In universities international students make up a quarter of all students, and come from over 150 countries. It makes education a key export industry for... Read more

Deploy a Moodle Cluster on Azure, using Ubuntu

I’ve just finished a conversation with our team in the US who are working on lots of smart Moodle integrations to various Microsoft technologies (like the Office 365 integration with Moodle components and the Moodle virtual images for Azure) and they mentioned that there are now also complete quick start templates for deploying a scalable Moodle cluster, on a LAMP stack, on... Read more

The Accessibility Guide for Windows 10 and Office 2016 – helping students with special needs

Last week we released the Accessibility Guide for Educators for Windows 10 and Office 2016. And I put it onto my ‘must share that sometime’ list. But it wasn’t a priority for me, because in the past I’ve written a lot about accessibility with Microsoft products and services, including things like: The Microsoft Disability Answer Desk for Australia, where a teacher or... Read more

Most in demand skills of 2015?

I remember in 2013 I wrote “What skills do I need for the future?”, about the most in-demand skills for all occupations, and in the future what employers will be looking for from today’s students. The top five skills employers were looking for in 2013 were: Oral and written communication skills Detail oriented Microsoft Office Customer service oriented Organisational... Read more

Registered Professional Learning Workshops in the Sydney Microsoft Store

Looking for some registered professional learning on integrating Microsoft technologies into your classroom over the summer break? Want to take your Office 365, OneNote and Sway skills to the next level and ensure you get registered professional learning hours before you go back to school in term one? During the summer vacation, Microsoft will be offering free BOSTES... Read more

Still using paper forms for parent permission slips? Time to do a risk analysis?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: One of my pet hates is paper permission slips from my daughter’s school (and even more so now that they have switched to emailing me the slips, and I have to print them, sign them and send them back in my daughter’s hands. Double pet hate now!) So I’m genuinely delighted to share a summary of an article from... Read more