Awesome Apps for Assessment and Marking

Guest Post by Mel Cahill

Being on summer holidays and traveling has made me even more aware of my need to work smarter and more efficiently, mainly so I can spend more time traveling and less time thinking about work. Traveling in countries that don’t speak English can make things quite difficult.

Two Windows Phone apps that have been a real luxury have been the Microsoft Translator app, and Here Maps. Relying so heavily on these apps gave me the motivation to explore the Windows Store to look for apps that may be just as awesome in the classroom.

As a teacher our workload is ever increasing and can easily take over our personal lives. Quite often marking and assessment is the area that takes up the most time.

Looking for something that might be able to help with that, I’ve been experimenting with Markbook by the Teacher Collection. The 21st Century Learning Design app was a fantastic tool and Markbook is shaping up to be a great productivity booster. There have been a few updates to the app recently adding some fantastic features.

What I love most is that everything can be uploaded and shared directly into your Office 365 OneDrive account, meaning students can be issued assessment details and their individual completed marking reports in an easy and secure way.

Another great aspect is being able to create the assessment rubric within the application, and then export it straight to a word document that can be given to students.

Markbook makes creating, issuing and marking assessments easier than I could have hoped for. With deep integration into Word, Excel and OneDrive, it’s quickly becoming a “go to” app for my assessment marking toolkit.

Assessment Rubric

A simple and easy way to insert all assessment information. It also includes an area that enables the teacher to keep a record of which elements of Blooms Taxonomy has been included as well as what level 21st Century Learning Skills have been adopted into the assessment.


Class Creator

Multiple classes can be created and helpful tips are shown on each screen.



Once students work has been marked you can view or publish their mark



Once you finish marking student work it can be published directly to OneDrive and can be made available for students to view.


Guest Post By

Melissa Cahill – Loreto Nedlands

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Since graduating with a Bachelor of Education she has had a variety of experiences in the classroom. Both as a teacher and ICT Coordinator. She is currently teaching Year 6 where she successfully trialed and implemented a multi-platform 1:1 BYOD program. She has setup Office 365 for Loreto Nedlands including uploading users and creating class templates in sharepoint.