How to write a NSW School plan using the 5P strategic planning template

Here’s a question: If you’ve got a deadline just around the corner for creating a strategic school plan, what’s the best way to do it in a way that is still collaborative and inclusive – and hits the deadline? It’s a conversation we had with the Goal Huddle team about school planning templates for NSW schools.

imageGoal Huddle, based in Sydney, work with national and global organisations to help them with their strategic planning processes, through their innovative SharePoint app. It is a dashboard and reminder-driven planning system that enables and encourages team collaboration whilst you create, run and tweak your multi-year strategic plan. It’s a great piece of work, and in our conversations with them we realised it would be a great tool to help schools with their strategic planning. After all, many schools have impending deadlines to create strategic plans, use SharePoint and/or Office 365 , and have a senior leadership team who want to enable more collaboration amongst staff.

So it was great to see the team go off, start talking to schools and work out how they can help them develop actionable strategic plans – as opposed to WIFI Plans (Write-It & File-It). The first tool that they have created is a specific version of Goal Huddle for NSW Schools, to help them create their 2015-2017 Strategic School Plans, using the NSW DEC’s 5P process.

When you start ‘Goal Huddle for 5P School Planning’ it’s setup directly for the NSW 5P planning process, with sections for Purpose, People, Processes, Products & Practices. And the process of planning, using a set of simple web forms, encourages input from individuals and groups responsible for elements of the plan – and an ongoing process to track status and remind individuals of the need for updates or deadlines throughout the lifetime of the plan.

As each NSW school is expected to produce a plan by the end of March this year, and then review the plan going forward, this tool’s arrived just at the right time, and gives schools a collaborative alternative to an Excel spreadsheet for planning (and avoiding the complexity of some of the alternate enterprise planning tools!)

Despite the extra customisation that’s gone into creating this strategic planning template for NSW schools, Goal Huddle for School Planning is significantly cheaper than the normal price for Goal Huddle. And a lot more effective than WIFI Plans that get dumped in a file and forgotten.

You can find out more, and get instructions for activating Goal Huddle in your SharePoint site, in the Office Store:

Learn MoreGet Goal Huddle for NSW School planning, set up for the 5P template


Question: Now that they’ve got the work done for NSW Schools, which school planning process should they look at next?