How to make Windows 10 rock – Silly Competition Time


Yesterday our office celebrated the arrival of Windows 10 with jars of Windows 10 sugary confections. My colleagues here in Australia call it a lolly jar, and I’d call it seaside rock – it’s the kind of sweet that’s made with huge volumes of sugar, and then coloured and rolled, ending up with the words “I Red heart Windows 10” running through every sweet (and now you know ‘How to make Windows 10 rock’ Smile)


Windows 10 Sweet Competition

In the past, when we’ve launched new products I’ve often tried to get my hands on early copies and given them away in silly competitions on my blog or Twitter. But this time almost everybody is going to get a free Windows 10 upgrade anyway, so instead I collected 10 jars of sweets, and threw in my brand new Targus Bex laptop sleeve, and so we can still have a silly competition!

I’ll give the prize for the closest guess for how many individual sweets there are in 10 jars of Windows 10 sweets by the 4PM Friday in Sydney.

To enter, just tweet me with your guess – I’m @rayfleming on Twitter

Tweet your answer here

I’ll post them out to a winner in Australia first thing Monday (sorry folks, but I can’t post sweets abroad Sad smile)