Free Azure Machine Learning in education – trials and credits

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a couple of articles about using Azure Machine Learning in education. Two ways to use Azure Machine Learning in education and Making machine learning in education easier for every day users. It covered scenarios like using Azure Machine Learning for education problems like student retention models, as well as things like face recognition to catch exam cheats, or text analysis of documents and research.

But I should also have covered one get thing – that for education customers there are some ways to use Azure Machine Learning that aren’t available to everybody else Smile

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There are three easy ways you can get started with Azure ML for education:

  • There is a free tier that includes 10GB of Azure storage for our datasets, and the ability to build Azure ML experiments for an hour with up to 100 modules. Get started with this here.
    This is available to anybody, not just education customers.
  • Azure for Education is for teachers/lecturers running courses using Azure, including Azure ML. Each student receives $100 of Azure credit per month, for 6 months. The Faculty member receives $250 per month, for 12 months. You can apply anytime at
  • Azure Machine Learning for Research is for university or TAFE teaching staff running data science courses who may need greater amounts of Azure storage and additional services such as HDInsight (Hadoop and Spark) or DocumentDB (NoSQL). Proposals are accepted every two months, you can find out more and apply at

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