Making things easier for your users: Single Sign On with Office 365

Over the last year, we have been working with software and website developers to make it easier for students and staff to login to their services by allowing them to login with their Office 365 username. This means that students don’t need to remember yet another login identity and password, but simply use the username and password that you’ve already given them. And, in many cases, they are automatically logged in without having to re-enter their details. It also means that your users stay under your control – for example, if you suspend a user account, you’re also suspending it on all of the third-party websites too!

It’s the simplicity of Single Sign On, but without all of the previous hassle and custom technical work that both sides (developers and end user organisations) previously had when linking their systems together.

Apps and services like Teacher Dashboard, Literatu, nearpod, GeoGebra, LMS365, Brightspace, Moodle, RedCritter and ParentPaperwork give your users the option to sign in with their Office 365 identity when they go to login (this is the Sign in page for ParentPaperwork)


You can see a long list of some of the Office 365 education apps and services here.

And all of the services that connect to Office 365 can now be found in the Office Store’s Education category, and you can quickly add them into your Office 365 service.


What is great for users is that they can then see the apps that they are connected to, through their App portal (at, where they can see all of their Office 365 apps – the ones that we provide, like Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive and mail, as well as the third-party apps (as you can see below, I’ve got quite a few on my account Smile):


And anywhere the user is within Office 365, they can get to the apps really easily from the app launcher that sits at the top of their screen


This means that you’ve got a ready-made portal for users – they don’t need to bookmark all of these services on their different devices – they can just use the app launcher. And when they move between all of the different sites, they easily login with one click – they don’t have to keep signing in again and again each time they go to a different site.

And the IT team at school/university also get tons of useful data on who’s using what applications, how frequently etc, that is available through their Azure Active Directory service, which is linked to Office 365. They also have the ability to enable and disable apps, or even assign licences for specific apps to specific users or groups.

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