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One of the key things that I’ve been focusing on over the last few months has been helping Microsoft’s partners to develop solutions that help education customers use data better – whether that’s for learning analytics, or looking at their management data in new ways. There are two key focus areas – one is making it more accessible to more people using better and simpler visualisation with Power BI; and the other is the power of the cloud to perform advanced analytics easily – for example, to deal with high volumes of data and provide easily interpreted answers to critical questions.

If you’re a Microsoft Education Partner, and you’re on this journey, or just about to start it, then there are two key training opportunities coming up in November that I’d recommend. Both of these Boot Camps are coming to Sydney and Melbourne, and are designed for teams needing to move from traditional business intelligence to advanced analytics.

Microsoft Power BI Practice Enablement Boot Camp

In this one-day boot camp you will learn about the potential and power of Microsoft Power BI and how it is a new generation cloud service that can transform data into rich visuals. The training course is designed to introduce Power BI, and to specifically empower partners with the technical knowledge required to transform their businesses to sell and implement Power BI solutions. The training course provides hands-on lab opportunities designed to reinforce key capabilities. Additionally, the training course provides partners with ideas to identify opportunities, and also with resources to help them take the next steps on their path to mastering Power BI.

Topics Covered

  • Microsoft Power BI Overview
  • Working with the Power BI Service
  • Connecting to Power BI Data Sources
  • Creating Power BI Desktop Solutions
  • Power BI for the Developer
  • Summary

Where and When

To be re-arranged 🙁

Azure Machine Learning & Azure Stream Analytics Practice Enablement Boot Camp

For the first ¾ of the day you will spend learning how to use Azure Machine Learning, a fully managed cloud service that enables data scientists and developers to efficiently embed predictive analytics into their applications. With this capability, organisations can better benefit from massive data sets. The last quarter of the day will be spent on Azure Stream Analytics were you will learn how to analyse data as it streams in real time from applications and devices. You’ll also work with data streams to analyse patterns, compare current conditions to historical information, or transform incoming streams before storing events.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Machine Learning and Azure Machine Learning Studio
  • Designing a Predictive Analytics Solution with Azure Machine Learning
  • Monetizing your Machine Learning application with Azure Marketplace
  • Azure Machine Learning API services and extensibility Scenarios

Where and When

Sydney 3rd November 2015

Melbourne 6th November 2015

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