Dynamics CRM Online certification to Australian government security requirements

Six months ago we announced the important news confirming the Certification of Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) via Australian Government’s Independent Registered Assessors Program (IRAP).

Australian government certification for Microsoft cloud services

This certification is for the handling of unclassified but sensitive data, known as Unclassified (DLM) within Australian government. This includes the majority of state and federal government data including private and personally identifiable information.

ASD established a Certified Cloud Services List and published a revised Information Security Manual (ISM) that provides a streamlined and effective way to verify the security of cloud services.

Increasingly, Australian Government agencies are turning to cloud services as a platform for innovation and efficiency. The Certified Cloud Services List streamlines the process by which those agencies can assure themselves of security and compliance by providing a Certification that can be trusted.

Australian government certification for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Today, we have announced that Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online has also completed Certification to Australian Government security requirements for unclassified sensitive government data. This provides an assurance that any government agency can confidently adopt our cloud services, knowing that the security protections in place reach the high bar set by the Australian Signals Directorate.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is the first customer relationship management solution able to provide this level of assurance in Australia, complementing our existing Certification of Office 365 and Microsoft Azure under the same program. Microsoft is the only cloud provider in Australia delivering a complete set of trusted cloud services covering Infrastructure-as-a-Service for computing, storage, database services and identity management; Platform-as-a-Service for modern applications; Software-as-a-Service for productivity and customer relationship management.

Demystifying data security

I think this certification is critically important to help you make appropriate decisions about using cloud services. We really aren’t short of extensive information on our cloud services, and the security and privacy of your data that your education institution stores there. We have heaps of information on the Office 365 Trust Center, the Microsoft Azure Trust Center and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trust Center. And there is no shortage of detailed information about our information security features (here’s a typical slide I picked up from one of our PowerPoint presentations, about 2048-bit encryption)


But often the leaders in education organisations don’t want to understand the details – what they want to know is the simple answer to the “Is it okay to use this?” question. And as an IT manager, that’s where the federal certification helps to simplify the conversation, because you can answer “Yes” confidently with the certification information. Whichever of our cloud services that your staff and students will be using – whether it’s the various Microsoft Azure services, Office 365 Education or Dynamics CRM Online, you’ve got the ring of confidence that comes from the certification (from ASD, who have possible the coolest strapline on their website Smile)


NB: All of these services are now also delivered from data centres within Australia, and we’re in the middle of migrating all of our Australian customers from other datacentres to the Australian ones. New customers are automatically deployed in the Australian data centres.

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