How to migrate large data sets from on-premises disks to Office 365

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School IT teams sometimes face very different challenges to business IT teams (and have to solve them with smaller budgets and less people). Moving services to the cloud is an example, because once you’ve made the decision to do it, you’ve got to deal with moving hundreds of gigabytes of data for thousands of users from your on-premise servers to the cloud. There are a number of different approaches for how to migrate large data sets from on-premises disks to Office 365, and so a case study of a school approach to this will be useful.

imageStella Maris College in Manly had exactly that challenge – how to efficiently migrate 250GB of data from on-premise file shares to a hybrid scenario – SharePoint 2013 and cloud-based SharePoint Online in Office 365. This will be a typical scenario for other schools, TAFEs and universities. They chose the AvePoint DocAve Migrator to carry out the various migration stages:

  • pre-migration discovery and mitigation
  • data migration, keeping full document integrity
  • running full and incremental backups, to quickly restore deleted content

The key for the IT team is that they were able to save their time by using DocAve, as it handled exceptions and challenges with migrating huge document libraries, as well as reducing the workload for them:

To modernise information management and allow for better collaboration, the organisation opted to move its content to Office 365. “Office 365 was easier to access on and off campus through its web-based interface accessible across many devices,” said Chris Maker, IT Manager at Stella Maris College. “SharePoint Online would help us foster better collaboration through shared calendars for our departments and, ultimately, workflows to help automate processes.”

“DocAve saved us lots of time with both migrations,” Maker said. “Based on our initial experience, DocAve helped us migrate to the new systems in half the time out-of-the-box tools would have required.”

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