Flipping the Classroom with Office Mix; Part 1

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The concept of flipped learning and “flipping the classroom” is nothing new, however developing engaging, dynamic content simply has never been easier. One tool that has enabled the simple creation of rich flipped learning content is Office Mix. We’ve covered Office Mix many times before on this blog but over the next three posts, we hope to show how you can start flipping the classroom and creating rich, engaging learning resources for next year.

In the coming week, we will post a series of ideas and uses for integrating new technology into your classes for 2016.

The beauty of Office Mix is that you don’t have to leave PowerPoint in the whole creation process. Constructing an online, interactive learning tool has never been easier, and flipping the classroom with Office Mix should be every single teacher’s go-to action for learning.

Office Mix turns your PowerPoint slide deck into a Flipped Learning asset. What is Flipped Learning? Great question!! I’ll let the Flipped Learning Network (Flipped Learning Network (FLN). (2014) The Four Pillars of F-L-I-P™) explain:

Flipped Learning is a pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space, and the resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the educator guides students as they apply concepts and engage creatively in the subject matter.

So, if you are a teacher you will have at least one PowerPoint presentation somewhere. That’s the first really great element of Office Mix; you have half the content already in a format that doesn’t need to be changed! You see, Office Mix is a PowerPoint add-in that will turn your PowerPoint presentation into an interactive, dynamic, online learning resource. When installed (as a FREE add-in to PowerPoint here), it becomes one of the tabs in the menu. When selected, a whole new world of possibilities is opened up with it.


The fact that you don’t need to leave PowerPoint to add all of the essential elements of a self-contained, interactive learning object. Whereas in the past I would use a number of expensive titles software in a time-consuming creation process, I now use PowerPoint. The Mix Ribbon holds the essential tools for a multi-media, learning activity, and even some amazing innovations. Check this out:

Slide Recording – record the slide that you are on, with a voiceover, and at the same time use a stylus and the inking function to highlight images, text and diagrams

Quizzes, Videos and Apps – embed interactive apps (STEM is covered well), quiz questions, a poll and even live webpages

Screen Recording – record another open window on your computer with a voiceover

Screenshot – select an open window and take an instant screenshot

Video and Audio – insert existing video and audio files

Preview – get a sneak peak of your interactive artefact

Upload – send the finished product straight to mix.office.com (using your Microsoft account) or to your school Office 365 (when signed in with your school email address), ready to be shared via a host of ways.

My Mixes – view your previously made Office Mix products

Video Set – you can also easily turn your mix into a video or scorm app, and even post your video to your school’s version of YouTube –Office 365 Video

Tutorial and Support – check out how to use features of Mix, see what’s new and send feedback about the add-in

Update – Mix will let you know when to update as well


So, when you’ve finished creating a PowerPoint with text, images, video, narration, inking, quiz questions, interactivities, a live webpage and your own teaching magic, you have to upload it to mix.office.com to be hosted. It is important to point out here that we haven’t gone beyond PowerPoint yet. To upload it to the Office Mix site, you simply choose ‘Upload to Mix’.


In Part 2 of Flipping the Classroom with Office Mix talks about the new life your PowerPoint will have when it is powered by the internet!

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