Where to get free and paid Power BI training in Australia

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Over the last month, I think I’ve answered the same question about half a dozen times: “Where can I get Power BI training”. Normally, if I get asked the same question just twice it’s enough of a hint for me to write a blog post, and point people towards it, but as you’ll have noticed, I’ve not had much of a chance to blog for a while…because I’ve been answering questions…which means I haven’t been able to write blog posts with answers…okay, let me stop the infinite loop.

The “Where can I get some Power BI training?” question is coming up because many schoolsuniversities are starting to actively look at their data in new ways, and they are coming to me because I’m probably the #1 Power BI Q&A fan in Australia.

So, here’s my best current answer to the “Where can I get Power BI training” question:

Where to get free Power BI training in Australia

  • I learnt most of what I know through the online course in the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA). Although that course is out of date now, I can heartily recommend the free Power BI course that is on edX now. I started it, but realised it duplicated much of what had already been covered in the MVA course – and despite the promise of an edX certificate at the end, I decided not to continue.
    The course is called “Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI”, and covers bringing in data from different sources to a Power BI data model, and then creating reports and visualisations.
     It’s free, online, and self-paced. What’s not to love?
  • There are a series of short topic learning resources on the Power BI website, including sections on getting data, modelling and visualisations. These are more like ‘learning snacks’ than courses. They are all at https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/guided-learning/
  • There are Power BI user groups getting going around Australia. We’re encouraging Power BI user groups around the world, and there are currently four active ones in Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth – with the 5th getting started now in Adelaide! Although these user groups aren’t specifically focused on education scenarios, they do provide a great connection to other users who are starting their journey.

Where to get paid Power BI training in Australia

For paid training, there are a number of commercial training providers offering Power BI courses (and I’m finding that list is growing every week – so let me know if I’ve missed anybody!)

I’d be really happy to add more free or paid training options this page, if you know of any (or you’re a trainer and you’ve got a course coming up to promote!)

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