Windows 10–full day Melbourne workshop to get ready for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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There are a number of improvements coming to the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 that are specifically focused on supporting education customers. These include:

Faster, easier set-up: Shared devices in the classroom are the norm in some schools. With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update we are introducing a ”Set Up School PCs” app that allows teachers to set up a device themselves in a simple three-step process – in minutes. We’ve also made significant performance improvements for affordable devices. On a shared device, we expect the average first login to take 26 seconds, with subsequent logins of 6 seconds when the student uses that machine again.

Secure assessments: Testing is going digital and the Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings a new ‘Take a Test’ app – simple and more secure test setup for the whole classroom or the whole school, where teachers or IT can lock down the testing environment, or enable simple quizzes.

Education-ready Windows Store: Our research shows that nearly 60% of teachers purchase and load apps themselves. With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the Windows Store will enable teachers to access thousands of apps, and schools can purchase and deploy them in bulk.


On the 29th June, we’re running a TechNet update event in Melbourne from 9am-6pm where you can learn about Windows 10’s features, and options for deploying Windows 10 in different scenarios. We’ll deep dive into runtime provisioning in Windows 10, what’s new in security and finally how to manage and deploy Windows 10 with Windows as a Service.

Make a dateMake a date for 29 June: Find out more, and register for the Melbourne TechNet Windows 10 event

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