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Power BI headerI love Power BI (really, it’s still my favourite service, 18 months after I first fell in love with it). And I am often caught sharing ways that it can be used in education – whether it’s for simple dashboards, or as a decision support tool for meetings, or for a live stream map of student movement around your university campus. And I like hearing stories about how other people are using it to tell stories – stories uncovered by looking at data in new ways.

But one of the challenges for education users is getting up to speed with what’s possible, and learning how to use Power BI. In the past I’ve written about free Power BI training sources and the free Power BI book from Microsoft Press – and also pointed towards the series of short topic learning resources on the Power BI website, including sections on getting data, modelling and visualisations. These are more like ‘learning snacks’ than courses. They are all at https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/guided-learning/

I’m really happy to see that there’s a range of low-cost courses now available for Power BI, and the popular “Power BI Dashboard in a day” courses are available from Wardy IT. It gets you to the point where you can create dashboards and reports with KPIs, data from the cloud or on-premise, and does it all in a single day.

“Power BI – Dashboard in a Day” is a day long instructor led, hands-on tutorial to accelerate understanding how to use Power BI to gather and transform data, create visualizations to gain insights culminating in creating and sharing Power BI dashboards.  Upon completion of the hands-on tutorial, students then apply the lessons learned to their own data, with the end goal of leaving the class with a solid foundational knowledge of Power BI and a working dashboard of their data

They are paid courses – but at $99 it might be the best value training course you’ll get this year!

Wardy IT have got the following dates and venues coming up:

Brisbane – 13th December (extra date, because 12th Dec sold out like a 2012 OneDirection gig)

Melbourne – 2nd December

Sydney – 25th November

Make a date for some professional development through Wardy IT

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