John Paul College – Equipping technology confidence for the future

John Paul College in Queensland prides itself on delivering enhanced learning experiences for students and equipping them for the future.

The college has junior to senior levels of education, including Prep to year 12 levels with more than 2000 devices connected to the college network.

Currently the college uses these Microsoft products:

Windows 10 Education Edition

To fulfil its long-term STEM and digital transformation strategy, John Paul College extended its one-to-one program by rolling-out Windows 10 Education Edition across 1,600 student devices, giving teachers and students access to the latest education-ready Windows Store resources.

“Windows 10 Education Edition allows us to tap into the app store along with the benefit of being able to provide a very robust environment for our students to work in” – Jan MacNamara, Director of ICT, John Paul College

With the migration now complete, Windows 10 has also had a profound impact on the school’s students and staff, who have increased control of the learning process via greater access to multimedia content. Both groups also have incredibly rich education resources at their fingertips via a single sign-on.

Multimedia Apps and Office 365 Education

Students and teachers alike have experienced and enjoyed a heightened learning experience. Students can now explore broader education opportunities, and are empowered to study using a multitude of apps and industry standard technology.

A seamless sign-on experience allows students to sign-on once and access an integrated experience of apps and tools that provide enhanced learning experiences and exploration through multimedia layers.

By giving students the potential to explore and extrapolate ideas, they are able to gain experience and learn on different levels not previously available to them in the traditional sense of learning.

Surface Pro

For 2017, John Paul College is considering a mandatory inclusion for touch and inking learning paths. With the use of Microsoft products such as Surface Pro, students can interact with technology away from the confinements of the input and output formats associated with keyboard-based learning.

By combining technology available from Microsoft with the education needs of the students, the college has arrived at a robust solution. The skills gained and outcomes achieved from using Microsoft products equips John Paul College students for heightened levels of study and the workforce, providing students with greater confidence in using technology for professional advancements in a variety of future applications.