Teach and tell amazing stories with Sway


5 ways to use Sway in the classroom

We live in a highly interactive, collaborative and digital world full of colour and life. Student classrooms today need educators ready to design and present memorable, digital, multimedia-learning activities. Sway – from Microsoft and part of Office Online – is an ideal way to engage students and bring education to life in new and exciting ways.


With Sway, teachers can easily combine text, images, designs, audio, video and more to create and share inspiring lessons. Instantly transform your ideas and lesson plans into great custom or template designs. The best part is Sway is intuitive, sharable, and it looks fantastic.

Here are five ways students and teachers can benefit from using Sway in the classroom:

1. Collaborate and inspire

Using Sway, you can create an account for a group of students to work together on a project. Supporting anywhere, anytime learning, Sway makes it easy for students to share individual responsibilities and work collaboratively inside or outside the classroom.



2. Create inspiring presentations

As a powerful app, Sway lets you easily build and share engaging visual presentations online via any device or in any setting. Teachers can create and present visually inspiring multimedia lessons, while students can create and share ideas, class projects and reports back to the group. Best of all, Sway presentations are online, so they’re easily shareable to anyone, anywhere via a web link.


3. Share amazing stories  

Students – especially primary aged children – love reading and listening to stories. Sway is ideal for creating fascinating storybooks as great tales come to life with words, pictures and audio, deepening the immersive experience. Students can then use any device to read the story, using the special roll over feature to turn pages by touching or clicking a mouse.


4. Make newspapers or magazines

Have a topic or subject that could do with a more in-depth way of sharing content? Why not use Sway as a shared student publishing style project? With Sway, students can write and publish digital articles as a daily newspaper, weekly title or monthly magazine brimming with stories, images and multimedia.

5. Organise lesson plans and resources

Sway is a great tool for creating and organising lesson plans. Simply link within Sway to all your related lesson resources in Microsoft OneDrive using Office Online tools like Word, surveys or charts in Excel, presentations in PowerPoint – whatever you need to organise and share your lessons with colleagues and students.


These are just some of the ways Sway can bring ideas and lessons to life in the classroom. I suggest diving in and playing around with the app to get a feel for how easy it is. You’ll be transforming the educational experience for your students in no time at all!