Future-proofing and expanding students horizons at Toowoomba Christian College

Alison-JamesWe all have that one special teacher who we recall had a big impact on us, someone who helped shape our future through their dedication, encouragement and most of all, confidence in us when we were faltering.

One such mentor is Alison James, Specialist Computer Studies Teacher from Toowoomba Christian College in Queensland.  Founded in 1979, the school is a P-12 co-educational school with over 700 students.

Alison’s dedication, paired with her students hard work has recently seen 4 pupils from the school compete in the Queensland State Microsoft Office Specialist Championships. As further testament to everyone’s dedication to succeed, this group were amongst the top ten in Queensland!

Two students then went on to win first and third places and will be invited to compete in the National Microsoft Office Specialist Championships (MOSC) at the Microsoft’s Flagship Sydney Store on the 9th June 2017.

To add to this, there have been one or more National MOS champions for five consecutive years previously from Toowoomba Christian College.

Alison is dedicated to future-proofing her students and setting them up for the best chance of success, and with this in mind she introduced the Microsoft Imagine Academy into her classroom. Not only is the Academy an ideal way for students to prepare for the MOSC with its Productivity stream, it offers learning paths in IT Infrastructure, Data and Computer Science.

Alison goes on to explain that the Academy is a great way for student to prepare for university or TAFE, and is also a qualification highly regarded by future employers who often look for extra certifications above the standard.

What is the Microsoft Office Specialist National Championship?

The Microsoft Office Specialist National Championship is part of a global competition that tests students skills on Microsoft Office Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® (2013 or 2016). Top students are invited to represent their respective state and then Australia at the World Championship, held in Disneyland, Anaheim on 31 July – 2 August, 2017.



Achieving a MOS certification and entering the World Championship looks great on a students resume and shows the world that they have the skills to tap into the full features and functionality of Microsoft Office. Find out more https://microsoftchampionship.com.au/

Expanding the horizons of students by competing at the World Championships

Alison explained that going overseas to compete in the championships was a wonderful way to expand students’ horizons, open up future possibilities for them and was a great chance for them to meet new friends.

She explained that a games room was provided, which was the perfect opportunity for students from all around the world to meet and connect with each other outside of exams.

How can I prepare my students for their future careers?

Technology skills are quickly becoming required for just about every job. Many jobs require at least a basic knowledge of Microsoft Office products and Microsoft certifications are highly desirable in IT jobs.

Microsoft’s Imagine Academy is the ideal way to prepare your students for their future careers:

  • The included curriculums and resources are designed to help students learn the products and technologies then prove their knowledge with certification.
  • Advanced certification improve employability and can increase compensation.
  • Industry-recognized certifications

The Microsoft Imagine Academy member site provides educators with a single, user friendly interface for accessing Microsoft Imagine Academy benefits, resources, and Online Learning. The site is designed to provide a self-serve experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout.

Throughout Australia we already have a huge uptake of Imagine Academy from institutions like the Queensland Department of Education, Catholic Education of Western Australia, and AIS NSW.

Watch this video to see what the program offers:

We know that the worlds future depends on todays students becoming the technology innovators of tomorrow. Microsoft enables schools to empower these students to explore, experiment and create, by providing hands-on experiences with industry-leading technologies like Microsoft Azure that professional developers use every day.

What subject streams are offered in the Imagine Academy program?

To find out more about Imagine Academy please visit the website. For any enquiries please reach out to your License Specialist Partner or contact your department / school IT team.

To find out more about the Microsoft Office Specialist Championships visit this website.

Our mission at Microsoft is to equip and empower educators to shape and assure the success of every student. Any teacher can join our effort with free Office 365 Education, find affordable Windows devices and connect with others on the Educator Community for free training and classroom resources. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for our latest updates.