T21C – a conference to equip teachers to drive student learning in the 21st Century

T21C is an upcoming educational conference being held at Hillcrest Christian College on the Gold Coast on the 13 July 2017.

The conference has been developed to equip teachers with the tools and techniques to drive student learning in the 21st Century. This needs to be through the lens of a new paradigm of education, one that values skills over content, entrepreneurial mindset over uniformity and provides our students with the agility to navigate through multiple careers.

T21C will offer breakout sessions during the day covering topics on; Agile Learning spaces, Coding, STEAM, 21st Century learning frameworks, Augmented/Virtual reality, Design Thinking, Microsoft Office tools, and Project Based Learning.

T21C is being opened by the inspirational Taj Pabari who was recently announced as the 2017 Queensland Young Australian of the Year. In late 2014, Taj founded a social enterprise called, Fiftysix Creations, a build-it-yourself tablet and creativity kit for kids. As easy as a puzzle, as fun as a computer game. The organisation also runs workshops in schools helping ignite the creative spark in all students, regardless of age, demographic or knowledge base. Fiftysix Creations is now affiliated with over one hundred schools and has educated over 45,000 students internationally.

Breakout sessions are being led by a passionate group of lead educators including a number of Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts from across South East Queensland. Last but not least, the conference will be closed by Lisa Newland, Director Sentis Education, who will share neuroscience research into student learning and offer practical examples of growing emotional intelligence and wellbeing in your students.

Here are a couple of the sessions you can look forward to being hosted by MIE Experts, for a full list, visit the website.

Charli Fels, Digital Pedagogy Facilitator at Brisbane Boys College.

Charli is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and currently works as a Digital Pedagogy Facilitator at Brisbane Boys’ College. She has worked across all sectors of education, from the Early Years through to Tertiary. She has a passion for empowering students to reach their learning potential; a strong focus on metacognition and curriculum design; and is all about the pedagogy before technology. She’s not the typical tech geek; however, does have obsessive behaviours when it comes to anything design and technologies.

BREAKOUT SESSION – The Digital Assessment Toolkit

Formative assessment is one of the most powerful tools in our learning design toolkit. It is a tool to improve teacher practice and improve student learning. Influenced by educational researchers such as Hattie, Black and Wiliam, this interactive workshop will explore six digital tools and strategies for building formative assessment resources; exploring audio and video tools in  Microsoft Class Onenote, Microsoft Forms, Snip, Lino, Padlet, and Kahoot.

Matthew Jorgensen, MIEE and Master Trainer

Matthew is a local teacher with over 24 years’ experience in state, independent and overseas schools.  He was the 2016 Microsoft Teacher Ambassador for Queensland and QSITE Emerging Leader, and now leads STEM and innovative learning at Coomera Anglican College as the eLearning Specialist.  Even though he is Primary trained, he has many years’ experience teaching Digital Technologies in Years 7 and 8, and as the change agent for a large Gold Coast independent school, he has always emphasised the need to build capacity in teachers.  Matthew uses tools like OneNote Class Notebook to deliver Project Based Learning, participated in the global Minecraft Education Edition early access trial and has pioneered the use of ROBLOX Studio as a tool to teach digital technologies.  You can share ideas with him on Twitter via @jorganiser or learn more about ROBLOX Studio at robloxedu.com.

BREAKOUT SESSION – Makey Makey Magic

Get ready to get your inner Seymour Papert on in this hands-on MaKey MaKathon (of 40 minutes).  Grab a partner, have a computer with a usb input at the ready, and learn the basics of this fun but versatile little unit.  See how you can produce Design and Technologies and Digital Technologies outcomes and have fun at the same time.  These units only cost $70 but they are easy to learn, easy to use and bring imagination to the fore.  Matthew will also set you up with an amazing online tool for teachers.

Courtney Branson, Academic Leader IT/ICLT Integration Leader at Chisholm Catholic.

As a previous Interactive Media Designer, Courtney has worked the past five years in Education, and her teaching practices have developed dramatically. Students are completely immersed in technology from a young age and it is imperative that we acknowledge and build on this culture. She is fascinated with emerging technologies and passionate to see where the future of education is heading. Emerging technology in her belief is the future of Education.

BREAKOUT SESSION – Augmented Reality with Scratch

Augmented Reality is the way of the future and our students can now create their own AR content using Scratch programming! Using this free online tool, you will be guided through creating an AR game with the game controller being your webcam.

Michael Cocks, Senior History teacher at Toowoomba Grammar School

Michael runs the educational History website, www.HistorySkills.com. He is currently co-authoring a textbook for the History Teachers Association of Victoria, is a fact-checker for the BBC History Magazine, was a 2015 finalist in the QCT Teaching Excellence Awards and was recently announced as a Microsoft Innovative Education Expert.

BREAKOUT SESSION – Letting Students ‘Choose Their Own Lesson’

What if you gave students the choice of how to learn? What if you gave them options for how to complete a lesson? Technology provides teachers with a unique opportunity to create learning experiences which specifically target the individual learning styles of their students. When done successfully, students are able to direct their own learning through activities that meet them where they are at. This session will help attendees find easy ways of creating such lessons and it will provide teachers with additional resources to take back to their own classrooms.

Peta Jorgensen JLC Digital Technologies Co-ordinator at Hillcrest Christian College

Peta believes that digital technologies can transform learning and empower the students to achieve their God-given potential. As a Microsoft Innovative Educator and Skype Master Teacher, she regularly contributes to local and international educational communities. Peta was thrilled to be one of 4 Australian educators chosen to attend the E2 Microsoft Education Exchange in Canada in 2017.

BREAKOUT SESSION – Skype in the Classroom

Yes! There is a world outside the 4 walls on your classroom. Learn how to engage your students in experiences that can only be achieved through the power of Skype. Your classroom will never be the same again!

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