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Murdoch University blazes trail for tertiary sector with cloud-based identity and access management

Murdoch University is Australia’s pioneer user of Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium (AADP) in the Higher Education sector. It’s acting as a beacon for other universities which also want to implement a leading-edge cloud-based identity management solution in order to future proof their digital ecosystems. Working closely with the Council of Australasian University... Read more


Griffith University prescribes Teams, OneNote and Forms for final year pharmacy students

For any graduate, putting into practice the theory of what you have learnt can be nerve-wracking. At Griffith University Associate Professor Gary Grant and Denise Hope from the School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology are harnessing Microsoft technology to provide final year students with an opportunity to test their skills in a virtual pharmacy, before starting work in a real... Read more


Melbourne Business School builds big data capacity with Databricks

Deloitte Access Economics pinned Australia’s data science population at just over 300,000 in 2018 – but demand was forecast to grow 2.4 per cent a year through to 2021-22, significantly outstripping overall jobs growth. More than three quarters of organisations planned to increase their investment in data science. The writing was already on the wall five years ago when... Read more

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New scenarios launched for Microsoft Higher Education Accelerator for Dynamics 365

We've added new scenarios to our Dynamics 365 Higher Education Accelerator, launched this time last year. In addition to the student lifecycle and student analytics components of the Accelerator, we have just announced functionality to support business partner management - which is another core scenario in Australian universities which is currently undergoing rapid... Read more


Deakin drives transparency and equity in teamwork through MS Teams

Associate Professor Bardo Fraunholz teaches a course in project management to a cohort of 280 Deakin University students - 80 of whom participate through Deakin’s cloud campus. The challenge he faced was to ensure all students are fully engaged, equitably treated – no matter their location - and to help them develop the sorts of skills and experience that are prized in... Read more


Announcing AI Business School for Education

We live in an ever more digital, connected world. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the opportunity we have to provide truly personalised, accessible learning and experiences to all students around the world is now upon us. Leaders in education have the opportunity to dramatically impact outcomes more than ever, from changing the way in which they engage with... Read more