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Still using paper forms for parent permission slips? Time to do a risk analysis?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: One of my pet hates is paper permission slips from my daughter’s school (and even more so now that they have switched to emailing me the slips, and I have to print them, sign them and send them back in my daughter’s hands. Double pet hate now!) So I’m genuinely delighted to share a summary of an article from... Read more

Wired: Pens are making a high-tech comeback

Last week, Wired ran a story on the research team working on next generation of digital pens and software experiences at Microsoft. It's a great read, because it raises some thoughtful questions about the way that we use computers, and the impact on learning and retention of information in our brains. We've had a stubborn focus on pen interfaces for computers for decades - my... Read more

Collaborating on professional development–Office 365 in Omaha

I’ve been away for four weeks, enjoying a cold Christmas in Europe, and attending a very traditional English wedding set in a beautiful country house. But while I’ve been away I’ve kept up with my reading, and bookmarked an interesting set of articles and resources to share. So now that I’m back in Sydney, and adjusting to the warmth again, it’s time to share some... Read more

How Deloitte made learning a game–Harvard Business Review

Gamification of learning continues to be a hot topic for education (and as with most things within the education system, there's plenty of divided opinion on how it could be used in the classroom with students). But it's not limited to conventional education systems – we're also seeing gamification being used in the world of corporate learning too. I'm lucky to work closely... Read more