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David Kellerman talking the auditorium for Microsoft Inspire

UNSW’s Teams project brings Artificial Intelligence to student engagement

At the global Microsoft Inspire conference this week, Dr David Kellerman, from UNSW's Engineering faculty, talked to the 25,000 attendees about the work that is being done to transform the classroom and learning experience, while creating a community of learners, at the University of New South Wales in Sydney By replacing real ink and document scanners with digital ink, and... Read more

Digital learning: distraction or default for the future?

Summary: Technologies like VR and AR are taking over classrooms – and for many teachers, that’ll prove a good thing. The use of mobile devices, virtual reality and augmented reality in learning still draws a mixed bag of reactions from educators. But recent developments in digital learning technologies suggest that virtual learning will not only become a natural part of... Read more

Building the campus of the future, today

How Ignia’s Smart Campus can help you meet staff and student expectations, deliver world-class facilities, and gain an all-important competitive edge. Running a higher education institution can be complex. As well as the day-to-day management of your people, programs and facilities, there’s the ongoing challenge of securing funding, increasing enrollments of local and... Read more

Ignia’s Smart Campus in action with University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is recognised as a top 100 university (91st in 2017), with a vision of being a top 50 University by 2050. Like any other global organisation, the University realises it needs to be highly competitive, and is committed to making its excellence better known around the world. To achieve this, UWA recently launched a program to transform... Read more

Why Australia’s private schools need automation

Australia’s independent schools face more competition than ever before. Enrolment numbers can’t keep up with demand from parents, and expectations of high academic and co-curricular results put the pressure squarely on teachers like never before. Private school boards are doing their best to optimise operations and attract top teachers – but is there more to be done? We... Read more

Forging stronger ties with students: TAFE Queensland South West revamps its CRM system

The success of an educational institution today is measured not only by the quality of its courses. League tables that account for ‘overall student experience’ often factor student support and engagement into their rankings. In fact, a 2016 Student Experience Survey funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training reveals that only 61% of students... Read more