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Digital learning: distraction or default for the future?

Summary: Technologies like VR and AR are taking over classrooms – and for many teachers, that’ll prove a good thing. The use of mobile devices, virtual reality and augmented reality in learning still draws a mixed bag of reactions from educators. But recent developments in digital learning technologies suggest that virtual learning will not only become a natural part of... Read more

Australian universities are getting creative with digital. Here’s how.

Summary: Digital technology is transforming the higher education landscape in Australia to provide for a more inclusive and flexible learning experience. Australia’s higher education landscape is experiencing unprecedented change – for the better and for the benefit of the future generation. Recent research by Harvard Business Review Analytics Services reveals that only a... Read more

How to build a chat bot in 10 minutes

Written by Natalie Afshar This blog post is inspired by a workshop on Azure and Chatbots by Ray Fleming at the Microsoft Learning Partner Summit in January 2018. It was Arthur C Clarke’s third law that "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."  And Ray Kurzweil, who likened modern day technology to the spells and magic in Harry Potter:... Read more

Episode 4: IT IQ Series – AI will soon power students and schools’ growth. Why?

Summary: AI will not only prove essential as part of students’ learning experiences, but also play a major role in how efficiently Australia’s education sector grows. Will artificial intelligence (AI) make students smarter? AI has already made its way onto the agenda of Australia’s education policymakers, who’ve acknowledged that time is of the essence if we’re to... Read more

Mixed Reality for everyone through Windows 10

Written by Natalie Afshar What exactly is mixed reality? And how does it compare with augmented reality and virtual reality? Well, virtual reality (VR) usually involves a fully immersive virtual experience including head mounted displays, while augmented reality (AR) involves an overlay of content on the real world, and mixed reality (MR) takes it one step further where the... Read more

Analytics on the go with Power BI

Written by Natalie Afshar With the Power BI app available on phones and tablets, you can quickly seek out answers to the questions you have while on the go. See this video of Broadclyst School in the UK who have been using predictive analytics with Power BI to group students according to specific needs, and allow teachers to deliver lessons based on a child’s learning... Read more