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St Barbara’s Parish School uses Teams to overcome distance and streamline STEM learning

At Roxby Downs, in remote South Australia, students at St Barbara’s Parish School are using Microsoft Teams to help design weather stations and work with the Bureau of Meteorology. Naomi Harris works four days a week at nearby Olympic Dam – but on Fridays she teaches digital design, technology and science at St Barbara’s Parish School. Established in 2000, St... Read more


Deakin drives transparency and equity in teamwork through MS Teams

Associate Professor Bardo Fraunholz teaches a course in project management to a cohort of 280 Deakin University students - 80 of whom participate through Deakin’s cloud campus. The challenge he faced was to ensure all students are fully engaged, equitably treated – no matter their location - and to help them develop the sorts of skills and experience that are prized in... Read more


St Francis Xavier College unleashes Teams power with teachers-first strategy

Parachuting new technology into the classroom and simply hoping for the best is at best wildly optimistic. Certainly it was not an approach that resonated for Phil Sakellaridis, Director of Digital Learning at St Francis Xavier College, one of Australia’s largest secondary schools with 3200 students and 490 staff spread across three campuses in Melbourne’s south... Read more


From hard facts to soft skills

This article is part 2 of a 4 part series previously hosted on BBC. To equip today’s students for the workplace of 2030, a whole new curriculum is needed: one that centres on skills, not content. In a Canberra classroom, a group of teachers are getting educated. Yet, as they break out into groups to roleplay, the focus is not on facts but skills – and particularly soft... Read more

Getting Started with Microsoft in the Classroom

Want to get started with Microsoft in the classroom? We've pulled together a list of upcoming training sessions hosted by Microsoft Learning Design Specialists Troy Waller & Megan Townes. In these session you will get to know how you can make the most of Microsoft in your classroom. Getting Started with Office 365 Tuesday 4th September 2018, 8:00-9.30PM AEST This online... Read more

Lisa Plenty – OneNote Class Notebook – Differentiating Teacher Professional Learning

This is a guest blog from Lisa Plenty, Director of Digital Learning and Innovation at Radford College, Canberra. Our College started using OneNote Class Notebook around two and a half years ago, and whilst the uptake and enthusiasm was initially slow, teachers began to realise the power OneNote allows for teachers and students to manage resources, collaboration, assessment and... Read more