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Getting Started with Microsoft in the Classroom

Want to get started with Microsoft in the classroom? We've pulled together a list of upcoming training sessions hosted by Microsoft Learning Design Specialists Troy Waller & Megan Townes. In these session you will get to know how you can make the most of Microsoft in your classroom. Getting Started with Office 365 Tuesday 4th September 2018, 8:00-9.30PM AEST This online... Read more

Lisa Plenty – OneNote Class Notebook – Differentiating Teacher Professional Learning

This is a guest blog from Lisa Plenty, Director of Digital Learning and Innovation at Radford College, Canberra. Our College started using OneNote Class Notebook around two and a half years ago, and whilst the uptake and enthusiasm was initially slow, teachers began to realise the power OneNote allows for teachers and students to manage resources, collaboration, assessment and... Read more

Episode 1: IT IQ Series – Every class should teach collaboration. Here’s how.

Summary: Collaborative skills play a vital role in students’ prospects. Educators can use digital platforms to develop those skills no matter what subject they’re teaching. Do our classrooms encourage collaboration? They certainly ought to: research suggests that highly-skilled jobs in Australia require higher degrees of collaboration than ever before, particularly as the... Read more

7 great ways to hit the ground running this school year

Guest post by Helen Gooch, Microsoft Fellow and Master Trainer. Connect with Helen on the Educator Community.  List of new students for your class. Check!  Classroom arranged for optimal learning styles. Check!  Bulletin boards done. Check!  Now let’s discover seven great ways to hit the ground running this school year by getting your curriculum ready, getting to know... Read more

#Back2SchoolHELP is here! Teacher Ambassador hosting Live Stream FaceBook Q&A

Microsoft Education is here to help you with your 2017 Class planning, with live webinar sessions and moderated Q&A from teacher experts. Join the chat all week by RSVP’ing here. Or submit your question using #Back2SchoolHELP. Find out how to set up your 2017 class with collaboration tools for limitless productivity: Get top tips & tricks on creating rich... Read more