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How many [email protected] users are there?

One question I do get asked frequently is “How many [email protected] users are there?”, or more generally “How many education customers use the Microsoft Cloud?”. Often the answer I have to give is outdated - at BETT in 2011, we announced that it had now reached a total of 15M students using [email protected], up from 11M in November 2010. Over on the ‘Official Microsoft Blog’,... Read more

The Microsoft Cloud in Education – The Australian quotes Curtin University

The Australian carried an interesting story last week, that I have only just come across. It talks about the growth in the use of the Microsoft Cloud, and specifically the use of the Windows Azure Cloud computing system in Australia - quoting growth in customers ‘from a handful a year ago to several hundred’. What I liked about the article was that it specifically focused... Read more

Office 365 – Curtin University moves first

In the last week of June, we launched Office 365. As the next wave of Cloud-based applications, it’s a service that will grow over time. The first university using Office 365? According to iTnews Curtin University were the first Australian customer to start to move to Office 365, and plan to move 10,000 staff onto the hosted service over the next four months. The first... Read more

Curtin University using Microsoft CRM to connect students to industry

You have to hand it to Curtin University - they must have a pretty savvy PR team, because they always seem to pop up in industry news sites. Today they've done it again - appearing on the global ZDNet site for their use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for managing their student engagements. Although there are already plenty of case studies of education users of Microsoft... Read more

Curtin University moves more services to the Cloud with Windows Azure

First they moved the students' email Every year, in the UK alone, 9,000 USB sticks are lost in the laundry*. How many of them contained a student's thesis? If you were a student at Curtin University from 2009, imagine how pleased you'd be if your email inbox capacity jumped up from 40MB to 10GB, and you could suddenly access your email from any computer and on your phone - and... Read more

Curtin University and the Microsoft Cloud

After I mentioned the Curtin University [email protected] case study yesterday, somebody from Curtin sent me a link to the Microsoft video we'd produced on their wider use of our Cloud services. They're using [email protected] for student email, and they're also using Windows Azure to develop inhouse applications. In the example they are using Windows Azure to deliver their iPortfolio system to... Read more