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Minecraft vs Project Spark vs Kodu Game Lab

Guest post by Matthew Jorgensen  Game based learning has been a part of any good teacher’s arsenal since the dawn of time and, via digital devices, is permeating the classrooms of the world, engaging students to learn through, by and with play. Sit any child in front of a computer and they will no doubt rather play games rather than type up their information report.... Read more

Project Spark out of Beta and bringing games based learning into your classroom

  Want to create games in your classroom? No idea where to start? Want to use a cool interface that is guaranteed to engage students aged 10 and up? Project Spark is going to change your world.   What is Project Spark? In short, Project Spark is ‘the older brother of Kodu’ a games creation platform that supports student understanding of coding, games... Read more

Coding and robotic fun with Sphero and Windows 8

  Playing with Coding with your students? Need a cool windows 8 environment to make it all happen? Sphero, solves you problem with it’s new Window 8.1 and Windows 8 phone apps. Sphero is an interactive robot (in the shape of a ball) that brings programming away from the computer and into real life. Once you have purchased your Sphero and downloaded the Sphero App... Read more

End of year fun with Kodu and games creation

"Games are important to young learners as they represent opportunity for autonomy, responsibility, choice and struggle. In many aspects of their lives kids today are not allowed to struggle, to develop courage, self reliance, resilience, responsibility and to excel in their own terms. My experience shows that kids really crave all of that and can be motivated to work very hard... Read more