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Taking Learning Beyond the Classroom Using Blogs

Guest Post from Waggarakine Primary School, Western Australia Establishing a blog for a classroom or cluster of classrooms can be a positive means of engaging the students by showcasing and celebrating their learning. There are several blog providers, and at Waggrakine Primary School we are currently using WordPress. All our staff use the same provider which facilitates... Read more

OneNote – A great application for administration, teaching and professional learning

Guest post from Elizabeth O'Connor - Science Teacher - Sydney Girls High School  Engagement with technology in the classroom has been completely changed by the introduction of 1:1 computer to student programs. Previously, lessons were divided between 'normal' lessons in the classroom and 'computer' lessons in a computer lab. Each student having their own computer on... Read more

End of year fun with Kodu and games creation

"Games are important to young learners as they represent opportunity for autonomy, responsibility, choice and struggle. In many aspects of their lives kids today are not allowed to struggle, to develop courage, self reliance, resilience, responsibility and to excel in their own terms. My experience shows that kids really crave all of that and can be motivated to work very hard... Read more