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Accessibility in Examinations: Here’s what you need to know

Summary: As teachers digitise more and more classroom activities–particularly tests and exams–they need to ensure that all students, including those with disabilities, can participate in them on a level footing. Could online examinations disadvantage some of your students? It’s a question which every teacher should consider as they digitise the classroom. While digital... Read more

Australian universities are getting creative with digital. Here’s how.

Summary: Digital technology is transforming the higher education landscape in Australia to provide for a more inclusive and flexible learning experience. Australia’s higher education landscape is experiencing unprecedented change – for the better and for the benefit of the future generation. Recent research by Harvard Business Review Analytics Services reveals that only a... Read more

Building the campus of the future, today

How Ignia’s Smart Campus can help you meet staff and student expectations, deliver world-class facilities, and gain an all-important competitive edge. Running a higher education institution can be complex. As well as the day-to-day management of your people, programs and facilities, there’s the ongoing challenge of securing funding, increasing enrollments of local and... Read more

Ignia’s Smart Campus in action with University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is recognised as a top 100 university (91st in 2017), with a vision of being a top 50 University by 2050. Like any other global organisation, the University realises it needs to be highly competitive, and is committed to making its excellence better known around the world. To achieve this, UWA recently launched a program to transform... Read more

Episode 1: IT IQ Series – Every class should teach collaboration. Here’s how.

Summary: Collaborative skills play a vital role in students’ prospects. Educators can use digital platforms to develop those skills no matter what subject they’re teaching. Do our classrooms encourage collaboration? They certainly ought to: research suggests that highly-skilled jobs in Australia require higher degrees of collaboration than ever before, particularly as the... Read more

52 campuses, one cloud: how TAFE Queensland retook control of its relationships

Educational institutions require much more than solid teaching to stay in business and thrive. With more than 120 thousand students attending 52 campuses, TAFE Queensland relies on strong relationships with a network of commercial partnerships to sustain profitability and demand. Government agencies and larger enterprises often seek out institutions like TAFE Queensland for... Read more