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Microsoft empowers educators and students creating tomorrow’s world

Digital technologies, the cloud, intelligence and analytics, mixed reality and truly engaging learning platforms have the capacity to transform the digital experience for every teacher, student, school, college and university. At Microsoft we understand that one of our most important tasks is to empower students and educators with the tools, experiences and insights to create... Read more

Disruptive Technologies – What’s Now and Next for Education at EduTech Australia 2017

Just a few minutes ago, I finished speaking at the EduTech Conference in Sydney about the impact of disruptive technologies on education. Months ago, I’d agreed to talk in a phone call with a colleague, and because I was overseas travelling at the time, they had provided the conference organisers with a synopsis that was fairly brief and seemed to cover every emerging... Read more

An event in Manly: Hololens, AR and the future of Business Intelligence

I know that this blog gets readers from all around the country, and the world, but I’d kick myself if I didn’t share this event, which is going to be just down the road from the centre of Sydney, in Manly The team at Lakeba and 360dgrees are doing some really smart stuff with 360 degree video and Hololens in a range of industries, including in education (their emerging... Read more

Hololens at TED 2016 – Alex Kipman points towards some interesting scenarios for Hololens in education

At TED 2016 , Alex Kipman from the Microsoft Hololens team, talked about how we see the future of 3D holograms. We have talked about Hololens before - there are some great videos on the Hololens website - and we have demonstrated scenarios for Hololens in education the past. The TED presentation hinted again at what an interesting future we're going to see when Hololens... Read more

Hololens in education – case study video

The team working on the Microsoft Hololens are quietly working on creating ambitious new ways of achieving new things - you've hopefully seen some of the demonstrations that they've given at global events like Build and the Windows 10 announcement earlier in the year (if not, jump here). And that includes working on uses for Hololens in education, and imagining some of the... Read more

Uses for Hololens in education

Less than 100 days ago, we revealed Hololens during the Windows 10 announcement, and since then we’ve all been waiting for a second chance to see it… Hololens in Education Well, last night, that finally happened at the \Build conference as the team revealed what they have been working on, and especially focused on Hololens in education, with teaching and learning... Read more