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“Inking the thinking” collaboratively

Hawkesdale P12 College, Victoria in Australia connected with a rural school in Japan using Skype. In December, 2015, year 8 students from Hawkesdale P12 College, Victoria Australia connected with a rural school in Japan using Skype. Students at Hawkesdale are isolated geographically and culturally but were fortunate to be part of a research project on “Inking the Thinking”... Read more

John Paul College – Equipping technology confidence for the future

John Paul College in Queensland prides itself on delivering enhanced learning experiences for students and equipping them for the future. The college has junior to senior levels of education, including Prep to year 12 levels with more than 2000 devices connected to the college network. Currently the college uses these Microsoft products: Windows 10 Education Apps Office 365... Read more

OneNote Redefines Educational Apps: Part 2

We are half way along the list of ten ways to use OneNote as part of your first lesson of the year, and so far I am hoping that you can’t wait to finish the post so that you can get to work. OneNote is redefining educational apps due to its scope and possibilities. Educational apps like OneNote are rare, and with the rollout of Office 2016, OneNote will have even better... Read more

Just pinch me… Or ink me….

Guest Post by Matthew O'Brien - Microsoft Expert Educator A few weeks ago I had an life changing experience whilst presenting using PowerPoint. Its best summed up with the text I posted on the Microsoft Expert Innovators Yammer group:“Amazeballs!!! Did you know the pinch gesture works when presenting in PowerPoint – you can zoom in, and zoom out takes you to the... Read more