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Want ideas for Kinect in Education–take a look at the Microsoft Accelerator programme for Kinect

What happens if you take 11 creative teams, give them three months to work on an idea, and a set of offices and social spaces in the Microsoft offices? Well, we know the answer now, because that's what the Microsoft Accelerator programme for Kinect has been all about. Why Kinect? Craig Eisler, the GM of Kinect for Windows, says it's because "it allows startups to... Read more

Is this the end for interactive whiteboards in the classroom?

Over the last few weeks, 11 startups have begun work on some amazing projects using the Kinect for Windows system, and developing new ways to interface with information, games, devices and computers. You can read more about this, and the background to the projects, on the Next at Microsoft blog. Steve Clayton, who is like a roving reporter on the Microsoft Campus these days,... Read more

Using Kinect for Windows with students

Rob Miles, from the University of Hull in the UK, has created a free pack of curriculum material for teachers or others who want to use the Kinect for Windows device within education. It might be for creating an educational application, or because you want to help your students to develop their own applications using the body tracking capabilities of Kinect. It is based on the... Read more

Kinect in the classroom – new case studies

Following on from previous posts about Kinect in education, here’s a couple of case study examples of Kinect in education that you may be interested in. Sunset Elementary School At Sunset Elementary School in Colorado, students are using Kinect across the curriculum, to study geography, science, natural history etc. And their teacher reports that she’s seen... Read more

Ideas for using Kinect for Windows in education

Kinect - it’s amazing to think what one small sensor could do for teaching and learning. Yesterday I wrote about the education pricing for Kinect for Windows that’s due later in the year, and mentioned some examples of how it might be used in schools, TAFEs and universities. And I also mentioned the KinectEDucation website, which is a community of developers and teachers... Read more