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Microsoft Next Level Learning workshops – November 2015

This week we’re starting to pack our bags, as the team head out to Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia for the free Microsoft Next Level Learning workshops for teachers and school IT managers. There’s a Teacher Track with themes around engaging students, gamification of learning, collaboration and learning analytics, plus a parallel IT Track that... Read more

Want ideas for Kinect in Education–take a look at the Microsoft Accelerator programme for Kinect

What happens if you take 11 creative teams, give them three months to work on an idea, and a set of offices and social spaces in the Microsoft offices? Well, we know the answer now, because that's what the Microsoft Accelerator programme for Kinect has been all about. Why Kinect? Craig Eisler, the GM of Kinect for Windows, says it's because "it allows startups to... Read more

Using Kinect for Windows with students

Rob Miles, from the University of Hull in the UK, has created a free pack of curriculum material for teachers or others who want to use the Kinect for Windows device within education. It might be for creating an educational application, or because you want to help your students to develop their own applications using the body tracking capabilities of Kinect. It is based on the... Read more

Ideas for using Kinect for Windows in education

Kinect - it’s amazing to think what one small sensor could do for teaching and learning. Yesterday I wrote about the education pricing for Kinect for Windows that’s due later in the year, and mentioned some examples of how it might be used in schools, TAFEs and universities. And I also mentioned the KinectEDucation website, which is a community of developers and teachers... Read more

Education pricing for Kinect for Windows

I am one of the latest of the 18 million people who’ve bought a Kinect sensor for my Xbox (one of the Microsoft CES announcements - the 18m number, not the fact that I’m a user)  It seems I’m a laggard when it comes to gaming and home entertainment technology, having only just setup my Xbox and bought a Kinect this Christmas. The two things I’ve... Read more